Burial Fees

The following text is from the Policy Statement:


In addition to the fees outlined in Resolution 2014-2 effective November 1, 2014, there is a $200.00 fee for an interrupted opening/closing defined as follows: an interrupted opening/closing is a burial plot that was thought to be empty, the opening was begun, and the burial plot was found to already contain human remains. If this happens, the burial site will be immediately closed, and another burial site determined, and all applicable fees paid before interment can take place. No Exceptions. This may result in a delay of any scheduled services. If this situation is due to cemetery records being in error, it will be the responsibility of the cemetery district to pay the $200.00 fee to the Grave Digger. However, if the cemetery district has advised the Owner, family, heir, or responsible party of the plot being used that the burial records may not be accurate regarding placement of human remains in the area of the impending burial (see the following "Disclosure Notification"), and the family of the Deceased decides to proceed with the burial, it will be the responsibility of the family fee.