Mary's Cemetery District

Who are we?

Marys' Cemetery District is located in Yolo County. We provide burial and chapel services to persons living within the district.

The six-acre cemetery is fenced and has an automatic underground sprinkler system installed throughout. Interment rights to plots are sold to landowners and residents of the District and eligible non-district residents as outlined in the California State Health and Safety Codes, and as outlined below in the eligibility requirements.

The west acre was acquired in 1991. Plot sizes were re-engineered to accommodate today's larger vault sizes in 2013.

Interment rights in both full-size plots and cremation plots are available (see the fee schedule of this Policy Statement for prices). A portion of property taxes collected within the District are allocated for upkeep of the cemetery grounds and chapel.

Contact us by email at or
call 530-662-9221 to leave a message.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 16, Yolo, CA 95697

Do you live in the district?

Physical address of cemetery:
12020 County Road 98, Woodland, CA 

The district is 158.73 square miles; the cemetery is 6 acres developed.
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